Lancaster West Residents Association Statement – 22/06/17

Thursday 22nd June 2017


Lancaster West RA official statement in relation to Nicholas HOLDGATE resignation

We wish to quote the exact words of one of our residents who has lost many
people close to them in the fire and who asked not to be named, they said:
“We welcome the government intervention but we want to see all levels of
the council held to account. We need resignations from those responsible
for planning.

“We need dignity for the victims and real respect for those who live in
social housing. We won’t feel justice has been done until there is a
complete criminal investigation and we know who is truly responsible for
the disaster. We should see those responsible imprisoned just like we
witnessed entire families imprisoned in the fire”

LWRA formally request NPB’s resignation specifically because although even
the PM has confirmed the response from the RBKC to the Grenfell disaster
was not adequate, NPB still insists on the news that RBKC does a great job
and takes credit for the work of our tight-knit community, of which the
council has had nothing to do with.

NPB has plenty of time to speak to media but couldn’t attend even one
meeting with residents of Lancaster West and took 7 days to respond via


Andrea Newton

Olesea Matcovschi