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New blog post from Grenfell Action Group
The Grenfell Action Group have added a new blog post focusing on the victims of the fire.

Salat al Janaza ‘ala al-Gha’ib (prayer in the absence of the deceased) |
Friday 23 June 2017 | Regent Street Mosque

Grenfell Tower Victim’s Funeral Prayers are to be held (in their absence) This Friday 23 June 2017 after the Friday Jummah Prayer.

There will also be Janazah / funerals for the victims of Grenfell.

More details »

16:20 22/06/17 – Lancaster West Residents Association have released an official statement in relation to Nicholas Holdgate resignation:
We wish to quote the exact words of one of our residents who has lost many
people close to them in the fire and who asked not to be named, they said:
“We welcome the government intervention but we want to see all levels of
the council held to account. We need resignations from those responsible
for planning.

“We need dignity for the victims and real respect for those who live in
social housing. We won’t feel justice has been done until there is a
complete criminal investigation and we know who is truly responsible for
the disaster. We should see those responsible imprisoned just like we
witnessed entire families imprisoned in the fire”

LWRA formally request NPB’s resignation specifically because although even
the PM has confirmed the response from the RBKC to the Grenfell disaster
was not adequate, NPB still insists on the news that RBKC does a great job
and takes credit for the work of our tight-knit community, of which the
council has had nothing to do with.

NPB has plenty of time to speak to media but couldn’t attend even one
meeting with residents of Lancaster West and took 7 days to respond via


Andrea Newton

Olesea Matcovschi

11:24 22/06/17 – Grenfell Nursery needs help to get back on its feet. They are looking for specific donations for the nursery including:

  • Office electrical equipment (laptops, digital cameras, microwave, kettle, mainline phone, Henry Hoover)
  • Furniture and larger objects (children’s tables and chairs, bookcases, climbing frame, rugs and cushions)
  • Play items (water and sand trays, books, kids cups and plates, easels and paint, musical instrument)

This list is not exhaustive! Please get in touch on the numbers below:

Shirley Sylvester – 0207 727 0854 | Soaud Noureddine – 0207 222 9031

10:27 22/06/17 – It has been decided that the music and community event, the Golborne Festival, will still go ahead. It will be held on Sunday 9th July from 12:00 – 18:00. Volunteers would be welcomed to help at the event any time between 08:00 and 19:00. For more information about the festival and where to volunteer, click here or go to the Facebook page below.

The Golborne Road Festival 2017 Facebook Page | Golborne Road, W10


18:36 21/06/17 – The Major Community Question Time will be held at the Harrow Club tomorrow, Thursday 22nd June, from 18:30. The event will have survivors, witnesses, lawyers, housing professionals & activists come together to discuss the Grenfell Tower fire and plan a campaign to secure justice for those who lost their lives.

It is for those who want to have their questions answered, put forward their views, and be part of the solution.

The Harrow Club, 187 Freston Rd, W10 6TH | 07480136320

14:30 21/06/17 – A multi-faith gathering is being held in solidarity with the Grenfell victims and survivors tomorrow, Thursday 22nd June. It will be at 15:00 at the address below:

In front of Maxilla Social Club, under the Westway beside Latymer Christian Centre | 116 Bramley Road, W10 6SU

12:00 21/06/17 – Lancaster West Estate Residents have issued a press release, which can be found here.

09:40 21/06/17 – Eternal Gardens with the support of Eden Care are providing free burials and support for Grenfell victims as part of the Grenfell Emergency Bereavement Relief. Please contact on the details below.

Asif Hassanall – 07795 325 446 | Anika (Eden Care) – 07718 175461 | Bilal (Funeral Director) – 07971 040 060

19:15 20/06/15 – Grenfell Action Group have posted their latest blog on the KCTMO Culture of Negligence.

14:40 20/06/15 – Grenfell Disaster Archive have created a database of first hand witness accounts, being updated daily by locals and their well wishers so that their voices can be accessed and heard.

14:31 20/06/17 – North Kensington Law Centre (NKLC) are urging all residents to come to 1 to 1 legal surgeries 10:00 – 15:00 every day at:

Law Centre at Baseline Studios, Unit 15, Baseline Studios, Whitchurch Rd, W11 4AT

Tel: 020 8969 7473  

NKLC are also able to travel to those affected if necessary. NKLC is a not for profit community organisation and their priority is to address people’s urgent, basic needs. They can provide free advice on accommodation, health and care, immigration / asylum and redress.

13:42 20/06/17 – A new blog has just been added by Grenfell Action Group and can be found here.

12:06 20/06/17 – Flourish Green Art Maxilla are delivering a free family workshop with artist Christopher Tew on Saturday 24th June, 10:00-12:00. The community is still processing the tragic events of last week. Instead of Art & Pollution as previously advertised, ACAVA are offering local families an opportunity to respond to the theme of HOPE. This is a free art workshop for families living in North Kensington, where cameras will be provided. Spaces are limited so ensure to book your place here.

Maxilla Walk Studios, 4 Maxilla Walk, W10 6NQ (the former Children’s Centre under the Westway)

23:57 19/06/17  – Westway 23 are helping with deliveries to survivors. Alternatively, send them a direct message on the Westway23 Facebook page as they have a dedicated team assisting.

Bay 56, 4-8 Acklam Road, W10 5YX | Westway23 Facebook Group

23:30 19/06/17 – From One Voice: “Can everyone who has access to any footage in relation to Grenfell Tower, interviews of survivors, families, the local community, evidence, etc. Please download it from Youtube, Instagram, Twitter etc and please email it all to so the local community have access to all the information for archive and legal purposes even after media etc, may try take it down to cover up the tracks of those responsible for this catastrophe. Please put “Grenfell footage” in the subject box. Thank you.”

23:00 19/06/17  – If you would like a safe and comfortable place to relax, the Grove Day Service is open to all those in the community affected by the Grenfell Tower fire.

The friendly experienced staff team are available for you to listen and help you get through this difficult time. They are open Monday to Saturday 10.00 -16:00.

The Grove Resource Centre, 1 – 9 St Marks Road, W11 1RG | 020 7 221 0052

16:00 19/06/17  – Statement has been issued by Lancaster West Resident Association:

Let’s unite and protect our rights! Seek legal advice before speaking to any other authorities to make sure that our moral, financial, and human rights are treated according to the law, and that a tragedy like this will never happen again.

All residents of Lancaster West should not speak to the police, council, or other authority organisations before receiving legal advice.

Legal Meeting is to be held today, 19th June 2017, at 18:30 at the Henry Dickens Centre, 104 St Anns Road, London, W11 4BU (in the middle of the blocks)

This meeting is organised in partnership with North Kensington Law Centre who are a local charity with 50 years experience in supporting local people with law advice.

It is essential that all residents attend this meeting or send a representative.

At this meeting there will also be confidential support for undocumented people. If you have a list of affected people, please keep this private for the time being. Useful advice can be found here.

14:35 19/06/17  – Chief Executive of Southwark Council, Eleanor Kelly, has released a statement on behalf of the Grenfell Fire Response Team. In the statement she acknowledges that the initial response to the fire was not good enough on the ground, and stresses that the focus of the team is now on ensuring those affected are being cared for and looked after. This means providing full support in finances, health, social care, food, and housing.

For the full statement and further detail please click here.

10:53 19/06/17  – Fort 4 Fun are offering free places to children affected by the fire on their 6-week holiday programme at Melcombe Primary, Fulham Palace Road. Kids will have the opportunity to go to Legoland, the beach, and more.

Tel: 07949124904

00:00 19/06/17 
Launch of the Justice 4 Grenfell Campaign at 16:00 today, 19th June 2017. We will walk in silence from Ladbroke Grove Library to Bramley Road. The procession will be led by survivors and victims of the tragedy, Michael Mansfield QC, Emma Dent Coad MP, religious leaders from various faiths and representatives of the police, fire and emergency services. We will be outlining the objectives of the campaign, what we expect from the government and how we intend to move forward as a community and begin the healing process. We are asking that everyone who attends remain composed, dignified and respectful in memory of those who have passed. This will be the launch of a peaceful campaign with the aim of bringing unity, equality and most importantly, Justice.

North Kensington Law Centre are holding a residents’ meeting at 18:30 on Monday 19th June. Please go along if you are a local resident who has been affected by the tragedy at Grenfell Tower, and what to learn more about your legal rights and how we can help. Location is TBC but please check back for updates.

They will also be running additional legal advice clinics for residents affected by the Grenfell Tower fire disaster from Monday 19th June.

15:02 18/06/17 The government have released guidance on support for those affected, including where to go for urgent advice, banks offering help, and UK passports, visas and immigration advice. Link can be found here.

11:26 18/06/17 Memorial wake by the Eritrean Community of West London for all those affected by the tragedy at Grenfell Tower. Today, Sunday 18 June, 4-9pm.

1A Thorpe Close, Ladbroke Grove, W10 5XL | 07939 546 637 

11:13 18/06/17 Healing zone at Acklam Village open to all in the community. Providing relaxation, yoga, meditation, reiki, art therapy, creative writing, sound therapy and more.

11:02 18/06/17  Al Manaar Muslim Cultural Centre are providing free burial services for deceased Grenfell Tower residents. They will provide services for people of all faiths/no faith. 

Al Manaar Muslim Cultural Heritage Centre, 244 Acklam Rd, W10 5YG | 0208 964 1946

17:15 17/06/17  Eden Care Muslim Burial Fund have offered help coordinating funeral support for all deceased Grenfell residents. They are able to directly organise funerals for deceased Muslim and will be working with a third party to organise funerals for the non Muslim deceased. They can arrange volunteers to visit those who are injured in hospital.

Tel: Abu on 07434 505591

16:27 17/06/17  Venture Centre have money available for families and space available for use.

103A Wornington Rd, London W10 5YB | Naami (director) on 07711 072718

15:40 17/06/17  North Kensington Law Centre are holding a legal meeting on Monday 19th June 2017 in the evening to help people affected by the fire to understand their legal rights. Follow @NorthKenLC for further updates on time and locations.

12:02 17/06/17 TFL Update on Hammersmith and City Line: No service between Edgware Road and Hammersmith due to the recent fire in the Latimer Road area. Tickets valid on Local Buses. Good service on the rest of the line

11:58 17/06/17 Kids on the Green is a calm space for families, children and teens to come for free food, drink and arts and crafts with fully DBS checked staff. Every day until Friday 23rd June 13:00 – 19:00.

Norland Open Space, W11 4TQ | Zoe on 07904 808347

11:49 17/06/17  The British Muslim Emergency Response Unit contact numbers are:

  • 0203 670 6004 – General support line
  • 03333 123 123 – National Zakat Foundation 
  • 07951 152786 – Muslim Councillors/Therapists/Imams

They are providing immediate relief and support to families affected (Muslims and non-Muslims)

11:39 17/06/17  Fundraising BBQ is being held tomorrow, 18th June 2017, from 14:00 onwards with food and drink on sale.

Address: 136 Bramley Road, W10 6TJ

11:33 17/06/17 PLEASE DO NOT SEND ANY FURTHER PHYSICAL ITEMS TO WEST LONDON. Currently they are inundated with so many generous offers of goods for those impacted by the fire. All community spaces are over run with items and spaces need clearing for people to begin to come together.

For updates on volunteering please refer to this page: Grenfell Tower Volunteers Page

11:30 17/06/17  TfL Update: Trains suspended between Edgware Road and Hammersmith as the building structure is now very weak. May let trains go eventually but dealt on a train by train basis.

11:28 17/06/17
 To support The Grenfell Action Group Please donate to RHN account, marking donation ‘GAG’ – bank details are: s/c 08-92-99, acc no 65779994

They have a just giving page (Just Giving takes very high fees.)

08:35 17/06/17  The NHS and West London PCT are subsiding the cost of glasses for victims who may have lost glasses in the fire itself. Any chain optician within the area can cover this and within Westfield shopping centre is Optical Express (1st floor), Vision Express (ground floor) and Boots opticians (ground floor). Patients are being advised to go to the opticians they originally had the test at but this can also be done under discretion of the original optician.

00:06 17/06/17  Fort 4 Fun are offering children affected by the fire places on their 6-week holiday programme at Melcombe Primary, Fulham Palace Road. Kids will have the opportunity to go to Legoland, the beach, and more.

Tel: 07949124904

23:08 16/06/17  There are no sites in West London who are accepting donations tonight, 16th June 2017, or tomorrow, 17th June 2017. Please spread the word!

22:45 16/06/17  Eid In Excel are inviting those affected by the fire, regardless of faith, to attend Eid Prayer free of charge on the 25th/26th June (depending on moon sighting.) Transport to and from venue can also be arranged. | 0757 245 1650

21:31 16/06/17  North Kensington Law Centre is holding a meeting for local residents to learn more about their legal rights. The meeting is at 6.30pm on Monday 19th June, at Baseline Business Studios, Unit 15, Whitchurch Road, W11 4AT. Contact them ahead of time to register: | 020 8969 7473

20:06 16/06/17   Inquest statement please read Here

17:59 16/06/17  Muntada Aid Grenfell Tower Community Iftar is being held tonight, 16th June 2017, at 20:30.

Address: Al Manaar Muslim Cultural Heritage Centre, 244 Acklam Rd, W10 5YG
16:14 16/06/17   Hudgell Solicitors (a personal injury law firm) are offering free legal advice and representation to the bereaved families and victims on a pro bono basis.

0800 321 3322 | 55 Fleet St, EC4Y 1JU

16:07 16/06/17   For those in need of modest wear and scarfs, please contact Jade. Email:

15:57 16/06/17  – If you are from a donation site and need access to a 100sq ft storage unit just off the A40 in Acton, get in touch with Sally. | 07584088979

14:26 16/06/17  North Kensington Law centre are currently coordinating legal advisers to offer pro bono services to victims of the fire. Send an e-mail with your details and specialism to

14:11 16/06/17   The Bush Theater attic in West London are setting up an area with tea, sofas and quiet for people who want to talk or need support.

Address: 7 Uxbridge Rd, Shepherd’s Bush, W12 8LJ

14:09 16/06/17   The donations center list has been fully audited, most are now closed.  Storage of goods is a problem at a lot of sites.

09:30 16/06/17   The full list of donation centers are being audited today, 16th June 2017, this will be updated throughout the day.

Please spread the word by mouth as well — not everyone has internet access.

Requests for housing and accommodation are no longer required. We must hold accountable the Royal Borough of Kensington and Chelsea Council to appropriately house all surviving residents in the borough.

Social media

For more updates, you can visit and engage with the following pages on social media:

Friday, 16 June 2017

  1. St Clements Church (W11 4EQ) needs volunteers from 1pm
  2. Tabernacle Christian Centre (W10 6QY) needs volunteers from 10am
  3. Hammersmith Town Hall (W6 9LE) needs volunteers from 10am
  4. Kensington Town Hall (W8 7NX) needs volunteers from 10am
  5. QPR on Loftus Road (W12 7PJ) needs volunteers from 9:30am
  6. Muslim Cultural Heritage Centre (W10 5YG) needs volunteers
  7. Westway Sports Centre (W10 6RP) needs volunteers
  8. Kensington Temple (W11 3BY) needs volunteers
  9. Acklam House (W11 4EQ) needs volunteers
  10. All Saints Church Notting Hill (W11 1JE) needs volunteers from 10am onwards
  11. Next door to Ikea Wembley (NW10 OAB) needs volunteers